Looking down on the Neighbours
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On his visit to Rio de Janeiro, Giordano Cipriani didn’t just focus on Ipanema and carnival, but the favelas as well. He gives the briefest glimpse into organic neighbourhoods that have something of a reputation as dangerously unwelcoming no-go areas…[ >]

Volcanic Vineyards of Etna by Alessandro Saffo
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Legend says that Dionysus, son of Zeus brought the first vine to ancient Sicily and it certainly seems that Sicily has been sending wine across the Mediterranean since time began. With the heat of Mount Etna warming their roots and the cooling Ionian Sea breeze on the swelling fruit, the vines at the heart of […]

Papua New Guinea: The Goroka Sing-Sing, Tari Wigmen & Sepik
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Even in the 21st century, travel around the Pacific Island of Papua New Guinea is challenging. Rugged mountains protect isolated valleys and the island’s topography helped create many culturally distinct – and (historically) mutually hostile – cultures and communities. It’s said that even today, there are significant pockets of uncharted territory in Papua New Guinea. […]

Palio di Asti by Ben Pipe
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In Italy, the Palio di Asti predates the more famous Palio di Siena by about 400 years, having run almost every year since the 13th century.

Photographer Ben Pipe heard that the Palio di Asti was more accessible, more intimate than the Palio di Siena, and on impulse, he flew out for a long weekend in late summer […]

Come Inside! The authentic Little Italy NYC
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Come Inside! Corrado Piccoli discovers a typically warm Italian welcome in New York City’s Little Italy in the Bronx where Joseph Artuso of Artuso’s Bakery took him on a personal tour of Arthur Avenue, the heart of a thriving NY community […]

Sime images in Touring Club Italiano “Tesoro Italia” book

Touring Club Italiano

Touring Club Italiano’s new book “Tesoro Italia – il patrimonio negato” […]

Surfing Indonesia by Konstantin Trubavin
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4Corners’ Russian contributor Konstantin Trubavin finds the surfing community a truly multicultural affair. Living in Bali since 2010, he tells us there are expats from the USA, from Brazil, Japan and his native Russia. People from all over the world are making Bali home, drawn there by the waves.[…]

Sime images in 2015 Bell’Europa calendar


Bell’Europa magazine chose Sime as the sole provider of imagery for their 2015 calendar.[…]

Shoah and postmemory by Gabriele Croppi
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How is it possible to keep alive the memory of something we didn’t experience without losing its true meaning? Rather than adopt a purely documentary approach, Croppi allows the aesthetic quality of his work to illuminate a historical truth, engaging the viewer’s emotions to relive the tragedy of the Shoah.[…]

Bountiful Dartmoor in Devon by Suzy Bennett
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Suzy Bennett pulls on her wellies, whistles up her black Labrador and together, they wander into a glorious fairy-tale autumn landscape of Devon’s Dartmoor National Park […]