Surfing Indonesia by Konstantin Trubavin
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4Corners’ Russian contributor Konstantin Trubavin finds the surfing community a truly multicultural affair. Living in Bali since 2010, he tells us there are expats from the USA, from Brazil, Japan and his native Russia. People from all over the world are making Bali home, drawn there by the waves.[…]

Sime images in 2015 Bell’Europa calendar


Bell’Europa magazine chose Sime as the sole provider of imagery for their 2015 calendar.[…]

Shoah and postmemory by Gabriele Croppi
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How is it possible to keep alive the memory of something we didn’t experience without losing its true meaning? Rather than adopt a purely documentary approach, Croppi allows the aesthetic quality of his work to illuminate a historical truth, engaging the viewer’s emotions to relive the tragedy of the Shoah.[…]

Bountiful Dartmoor in Devon by Suzy Bennett
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Suzy Bennett pulls on her wellies, whistles up her black Labrador and together, they wander into a glorious fairy-tale autumn landscape of Devon’s Dartmoor National Park […]

Tangier – where Africa meets the Mediterranean
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Tangier, looking out from North Africa across the Mediterranean to the coast of Andalusia, could be the very definition of the phrase ‘melting pot’. Founded by Carthaginian colonists in the 5th Century BC, the city has passed through Roman, Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, English and French hands, each culture leaving its mark.[…]

Tarifa – where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean
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At the most southerly point of mainland Spain and continental Europe, Tarifa is where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. To the East is the Med, Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol, to the West the wide Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see and there, south across the Strait of Gibraltar you can make out the coast of Africa.[…]

Gabriele Croppi’s Berlin, 25 years after the fall of the Wall
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Italian photographer Gabriele Croppi photographs the lesser known districts of the old East Berlin where the ghosts of the GDR have yet to be laid to rest […]

Sime images on October covers


Sime images grace the covers of three Italian magazines this October. “Bell’Italia” with the image of Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome by Anna Serrano, “Bell’Europa” with a shot of London by Alan Copson and “In Viaggio” features the small town of Gubbio in Umbria in Italy by Johanna Huber […]

Sime Books at Frankfurt Book Fair
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from 8-12 October Sime Books will be at Frankfurt Book Fair. click through to see Sime Books 2015 catalogue of new titles and more details […]

Balinese Fight Club – by Brook Mitchell
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When photographer Brook Mitchell relocated to the paradise island of Bali from his native New South Wales in Australia, he found the more remote parts of the island less peaceful than expected [click through to see the story…]